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We offer in depth monitoring tools both via industry leading software and hardware on site.

Our monitoring system and software, is a nonintrusive cloud-based energy management dashboard lets you manage, monitor, and analyse energy use from many systems, loads and locations online, in one place. For energy professionals, consultants, facility managers …. everyone. Whether this be from HH metering, through to your more granular requirements, we can help.

Analyse and compare your consumption, associated costs and emissions to identify where your money is spent within your organisation and where energy saving efforts must focus on. You can discover increasing/decreasing trends over periods and calculate your savings.

Understand if voltage is too high, if power factor is too low, if demand is just right! The key electrical characteristics are monitored at site, building or equipment level. Amps, Volts, Power Factor and Kw are all graphically visualised on 1 easy to understand page. The views are either in a rolling 24-hour view, or day/date selectable. To help you really understand what is going on the graphs are updated in near real-time, every 5 minutes.

Out platform enables you to do more than look at peaks and troughs.

The heatmap quickly evaluates up to the last 12-months patterns of power consumption and when peak load demand happens. Identify peak demand (kVA) and consumption (kWh) of individual loads, systems, or appliances, of a particular organisation and/or site. Examine peak demand profiles and penalty charges in utility energy bills to understand which equipment or areas of your business are costing you the most and where discrepancies exist between kW/kVA and its associated costs.

Assess the expected savings when negotiating new energy contracts with Utilities, visualise the kWh’s used during non-working hours and at Peak Cost time. Pulse provides views such as Time of Use (TOU), Working/Non-Working and Day/Night that help you plan improvements to the way you your energy and when you use it.

Create alerts and be notified as soon as cost, emissions, or consumption deviates from the expected or pre-set pattern. Receive alerts on your dashboard or email and to the people who need them.

Pulse works hand in glove with your solar data. Pulse integrates with Inverters and battery storage via on-site Modbus or API to assist users of solar PV systems to improve visibility into and better manage solar power generation, and then combine it to reduce overall site energy use. Renewable energy suppliers, as well as commercial and industrial companies who own solar systems can tap into a new dimension in solar energy management and performance through machine-learning and analytics to determine a range of increased control and decreased grid consumption.

Demandside Management

Our technology and hardware deliver energy savings by switching loads/circuits off at peak cost (or any other) times.

We understand that systems or loads can be operationally required at certain times of the day, but available to be switched at other times. We will work with you to understand what can be switched and when, then develop the likely savings, switching schedules and ROI.

Once you have outlined a switching plan, we can liaise with your site facilities team/individual to work out the electrical arrangements required to achieve the plan.

The switch system is easy to install and can be done by any qualified electrician. However, energetics-energy can arrange for installation by our certified installation partners.

Savings need not to stop with the first set up, we can work with you to continually review further refinements to existing switching schedules and consider adding additional loads.

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