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We are experienced with all types of meters, from installation to setting up and maintaining the contracts.

Meter Operator Agreement (MOP)

A Meter Operator agreement or (MOP contract) is a legal requirement for all half hourly electricity supplied meters. This contract covers the supply of the meter, maintenance and the necessary telecommunications for sending your consumption data to your energy supplier.

Sites that have a maximum electricity demand of over 100kW must have a HH meter. HH meters must be installed by a meter operator chosen by you.

Non half-hourly (NHH) meters are generally used for smaller sites will often be installed by a local meter operator chosen by your supplier unless you choose and nominate your own.

A MOP agreement must first be established before a meter can be installed. After installation, the MOP contract can be agreed upon. Your MOP will be passing accurate data to your electricity supplier, you will receive more accurate prices only for the energy you use, rather than costs based purely on your supplier’s estimates.


Data Collection and Aggregation (DC/DA) service you get a clearer and more accurate understanding of how much energy your business uses, along with helping to identify whether you could make significant energy savings and carbon cutbacks.

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