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Who are energetics-energy

energetics-energy are an energy consultancy fully focussed on sustainability and zero carbon for businesses and organisations across the UK.

We work alongside our clients to identify opportunities to reduce both the usage and cost of energy in the workplace. Businesses receive a bespoke and in-depth service which covers everything from on site energy audits to an independent costs review identify savings opportunities with every supplier in the UK.

We will also recommend technologies that will help clients achieve their carbon and costs goals, such as energy monitoring, LED lighting etc. which we design and install in house offering funding wherever possible.

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What we do

We are an energy consultancy who offer so much more than a simple switching service. energetics are here to help companies future proof themselves against the inevitable rise of energy prices.

To do this, we have diversified our portfolio of offerings to go above and beyond what our clients expect. When you work with us we can now facilitate the following:

Energy Services

Our energy services allow you to take a long-term view toward managing energy costs, security of supply and compliance with ever strengthening carbon reductions.

We offer an initial energy audit, the installation of solutions that fits the needs of a select facility, and long term monitoring to verify project savings.

Our energy services allow companies to access services and capital to assist them with their carbon reduction projects.

Our Energy Reduction Allowance enables companies to free up capital within their energy deal to undertake green projects that will ultimately reduce carbon. This capital is interest free and is split over the length of the contract.

The fund covers technologies including, but not limited to; LED Lighting, Voltage optimisation, Energy Storage, Monitoring, EV Charging and Solar PV.

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